What Did Jim Say to Use?

Jim’s Top Picks

Basics – Things Everyone Probably Needs
The average person eats like sh** (sorry, but its true). The need is clear. The benefit is proven. Don’t be a nutrition turd in 2009.  Below are some of my favorite products in basic catagories to make it easy for those of you on a program to find them. Chances are you need most if not all of them.  That’s why I refer to them as basics.

Daily Vitamin – VitaPlex by Schwartz Laboratories
Daily Vitamin – Animal Pak by Universal by Universal Nutrition
Daily Vitamin – Women’s Fitness Pak by Universal Nutrition

Essential Fat – The Very Finest Fish Oil by Carlson Labs

Protein – ProWhey 5lb Econo Whey Protein by Schwartz Laboratories
Protein – Isolyze by Species Nutrition
Protein – Pure Protein by PowerBlendz

Meal Replacement – MRX1 by Schwartz Laboratories
Meal Replacement – Myoplex Lite by EAS
Meal Replacement – MetRX

Extras – If You Want an Edge
I have been training and taking supplements for 25 years now. I BELIEVE in supplements. These are the best of the best – the tried, and found true. Most of these made the list by my personal great experience with them. Others have won me over from the great results and performance experienced by clients, training partners and friends.

Growth / Support – BCAA Pro Formula by Schwartz Laboratories
Growth / Support – Glutamine by Schwartz Laboratories
Growth / Support – Glutamine High C by Betancourt

Performance – Creatine Monohydrate by Schwartz Laboratories
Performace – Armageddon by StarChen Labs
Performance – Kreation Powder by Sci-Fit
Performance – Krealkalyn Soft Gels by Sci-Fit

Prohormone – Anabolic Power Stack by Schwartz Laboratories
Prohormone – D-Drol by Forever Fit

Endocrine Support – Growth Hormone by Schwartz Laboratories
Endocrine Support/Boner Support : ) – Stimul 8 by Schwartz Laboratories

Fat Burner – Green Stinger by Schwartz Labortories
Fat Burner – Ultimate Burn by Schwartz Laboratories

Ephedrine Free – SlimQuick
Healthy Fats – Carlson’s Fish Oil
Healthy Fats – Power Butter

Joint Care – Joint Support
Joint Care – Animal Flex
General Health – Colostrum


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