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Brian Simmons was one of the most impressive athletes I have ever met.   In the later part of his career with the Cincinnati Bengals Brian and I met and began working together.  Just like all of the other professional athletes I work with, we found major nutrition and  supplementation mistakes as well as areas in his training that I knew would make a big difference.  Brian worked hard to make the changes. The very next season, when experts were questioning his safety at the linbacker position, Brian, after rippin’ heads off at training camp, not only remained “safe” he was unanomously elected captain of the team that year.

Lord Jonathan Rothermere

Lord Jonathan Rothermere


Lord Jonathan Rothermere, better known in Europe as “J Ro” in the tabloid scene, came to visit me a couples years ago.  I had been retired from in the gym training for years at that point, but a billionare dosen’t take “no” for an answer.  For an undisclosed amount not only did I train him but one of our sessions was a Bengals Vs. Browns sunday afternoon.   This gentleman was one of the coolest elite people I have had the pleasure to help.  He wanted the “best” – and his staff found me. 




NFL Superstar Takeo Spikes has a pure power and destruction physique.  He could get on the bodybuilding stage after a two week diet.  Our staff dietician and I worked hard to feed his body better.  I had to add some real food to his post NFL workout intake.  His ritual consisted of McDoland’s on the way home from the stadium and then an evening of potato chips and Bryer’s vanilla ice cream.   I like to think we connected him to his incredible machine better.




 Heather Mitts –  I watched in awe as her career skyrocketed from high school and college star to Olympic Gold Medalist and now beyond.  Known as one of the hottest women in female professional sports, Heather stays very down to earth.  She trains hard – harder than most men.  Even when home here in cincy to relax for holidays you can find her bangin’ the weights in my studio.




Jim and GirlsSome of my best memories in business happened in the early 2000 when our my company sponsored several professional fitness competitors.  We had a blast traveling the show circuit and competing.  Even more fun was all of them placed high – all the time.  Jenn Hendershott (far right), the now 2 time Ms. Fitness International (the Olympia), was one the most amazing athletes and dedicated competitors that walks this planet.  Jenn is also one of the greatest popele I have ever met.  Mari Kudla

Fitness Stars Julie Palmer, April Carpenter, Allison Bookless, Mari Kudla (to the right) and others helped launch my company,  Schwartz Laboratories,  into the global brand and contract manufacturer that it is today.

(aahh – Olympia in Vegas Memories)


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