Posted by: jimriggs | August 10, 2009

WOW. Caught my knee injury on tape

Yep. All the years on bodybuilding and lifting weights should have installed a filter against me destroying my knee like i did. Here is the short story.

We were working on promo videos for our website, Josh and I were testing some camera angles etc… and I had the brilliant idea that it would be cool to film one of our signature “Don’t Forget The Dash” endings with someone dropping down from above, kinda 3D like. So I had Josh lie on the ground and film and i proceeded to go flying off the third step on some metal bleachers to land right over the camera.

However – my right knee completely failed ! … about 10″ from the rolling camera. You will hear three steps on the metal bleachers (that is my 39 yr old, stupid a#! getting ready to sky in the air) to land over the camera man. Then you hear the CRUNCH of my knee. (My ACL, MCL and Miniscus to be specific)

What you hear is real. It’s the sound of my ligaments snapping. This has probably not been caught on hi def audio very often! lol


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