Posted by: jimriggs | June 3, 2009

What the Foo?

When Jim and Schwartz Labs asked me to share my story I was excited. I was excited to share the news of a company and product line that finally made sense and delivered unmatched results without the hype and lies most companies feed bodybuilders every day.

My name is Jason Foo and my journey began in May of 2002. I had been lifting and bodybuilding for years and had an itch to get on stage and compete. I had recently moved tofrontview Cincinnati and was searching out the bodybuilding community and kept hearing about “The Schwartz”. I found out that “The Schwartz” was the slang name for a company called Schwartz Laboratories. After a little surfing online I found out that the company is huge in Europe and has been spreading like fire here in the US. Since they where located right in Cincinnati I paid them a visit.

 The Staff at Schwartz was great. They spent time educating me on proper diet and the their product line. Together we worked up a 60-day plan to gain some muscle and picked a show in the Fall. I was thrilled because for the first time I felt confident in a company and was ready to go.  After only 10 days on the program I felt AMAZING. My strength was incredible and the “pumps” during my workouts felt like I was going to bust through my skin. The combination of HyperCell2 and Anabolic Power Stack was awesome. Then came the gains. In the first month I had beaten every personal best in the gym and I had gained 16 lbs!


roof db biTen weeks before the show I began my pre-contest diet. By this time, I had bulked up to 252 lbs and had picked up an amazing 26 lbs of muscle. Now it was time to get ripped! We changed my diet a few times over the ten weeks and it was unreal how quickly the fat began to fall off. I have tried every “thermogenic” and “fat burner” on the market and nothing has dumped fat while sparing my lean tissue like Rippilater and Ultimate Burn. We alternated both in my pre-contest strategy.  I had tried to diet for a show in the past but always gave up because I would lose too much size and strength. On “The Schwartz” I was still GAINING muscle 6 weeks out from my show.

 The show day came and I was ready. Thanks to Schwartz Laboratories I stepped on stage razor sharp and confident. The show was huge and the competition was great. I walked away with 2nd place and can’t wait to do it again. Thanks Schwartz!

My advice is stop reading every hype article and ad you see in the magazines and running out to pay crazy prices for products that simply don’t work. Remember, supplement companies own those publications! Get true quality and performance without the hype from Schwartz Laboratories. I love the way the company puts it: “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it”. It’s True.


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