Posted by: jimriggs | May 29, 2009

Quick Tips For A Fit Pregnancy

pregnant womanRecently one of my clients a Power 3 Fitness Coaching announced she was pregnant.  While working on her program a couple of different people seemed interested and suprised at a couple of my thoughts regarding a fit pregnancy.  So I decided I would share them with my readers. 

Here is a portion of the Personal Program:

Notes and Reminders: (for our special time!!!!)

  • Keep the fluids coming – I recommend 1 gallon (128oz) per day.  FYI – slightly higher than the official RDA which is 3 liters per day while pregnant and 3.8 liters per day while lactating. (Why do THEY use liters?)
  • Wow. Did you know that the most conservative RDA numbers for protein consumption for pregnant women is 71 grams a day! – GET THIS DONE – I have strong convictions on this one.  I believe a better number to shoot for is about 100 grams. 
  • Carbs are critical as well. The same conservative numbers say the RDA 175 grams pregnant and 210 grams when lactating. 
  • Fiber Needs are up slightly as well-  28 grams.
  • Fats are always on my list of things to do.  RDA’s are elevated for you at this time too.  I love Carlson’s Finest Fish Oil .
  • I recommend – as always – precook healthy foods you enjoy – preventing the convenient munching of random garbage and sugar
  • Take and Daily Vitamin  with the correct dose of Folic Acid.

This is not a full  list of all the tips for a fit pregnancy.  These are just a few that I pointed to to this client.

Babies Are Awesome.  Have fun.


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