Posted by: jimriggs | May 20, 2009

Dan Jackson – A Fat Loss Victory

I was hanging out with my buddies one weekend in January. We were throwing back a few beers having a good time and the subject of spring break came up. You can only imagine where our minds went. Hot weather, bare skin, sun bathed, oiled up Women!!!! We all decided that this year we were going to get out of the cold and hit the tropics for some fun, sun and well…you know…sleep! (Yeah right!) The next day in the gym I was looking at myself in the mirror and realized I was far from the shape I wanted to be in to hit the beach, and impress anyone. I guess I always considered myself to be in pretty good shape. I hit the gym regularly and my diet was decent or so I thought. I spent most of my lunch hours reading Dan Beforeup on the latest and greatest workouts and diet plans in all the popular magazines. I had tried almost all the supplements I read about, from proteins and creatine to pro hormones and thermogenics, but as I stood there looking at myself, I realized something wasn’t working. Was all I had read just “bs” and hype? Were all the products I tried and currently using worthless? I left the gym that day feeling pretty disheartened. I headed to my friends house to iron out all of the details for spring break and I was considering backing out. How could I go to any beach in the shape I was in? I’ve seen my share of MTV spring break episodes and I was far from looking like those people. Well, we booked the trip and reality set in. I had 12 weeks to get into shape for the trip.
I sat in front of the TV that night totally bummed out. I couldn’t get spring break and my current physique, or rather lack of, out of my mind. How was I going to do this, everything I thought I was already doing right was apparently wrong? I didn’t even have a hint of a six-pack even though I trained my abs almost every day. I remembered I had over heard a couple guys talking in the gym that day about a company called Power3 Fitness Coaching. They seemed pretty enthused about their company, services and products and they also were in better shape than me! I turned off the TV and got on the Internet to see what I could find out about this place they were talking about. I found their site and started reading about their products and services. A thought came to mind. I had been reading all the magazines; using the products they boast, but really had no idea what I was doing or putting in my body. Still a little skeptical, I decided to give Power 3 a try. The prices were far more reasonable than what I had been paying on similar products and with the support of their program; I figured what have I got to lose?

One of the first things I learned was that I wasn’t eating enough to gain any muscle or even maintain the muscle I had. I knew I needed to eat Dan Aftermore meals every day but always told my self I didn’t have the time. I was just about out of protein powder so my coach gave me a few suggestions that I-supplements, their sister company had to offer. I also picked up a meal replacement that same day since I was still telling myself that I didn’t have the time to fit in meals. That next week, I got up about five minutes earlier than normal everyday and made three shakes in the blender and put them in containers and then was off to work. During that first week, I noticed I wasn’t nearly as tired at work. Could eating more often actually keep me awake and alert at work? It sure did! I had a couple people tell me I was smiling more and seemed different, happier and more energized. I even got a smile from a girl I have had my eye on and almost went up to talk to her. I thought to myself that if she is smiling at me now just wait! I was feeling great!

My workouts were rapidly improving. I also noticed my muscles were filling out just from increasing my daily meals. Well needless to say, I was sold and decided it was time to take this to the next level. I was ready to try some more products. I wanted to put on some more muscle so I decided to give a creatine supplement a try. Within two weeks my workouts had improved incredibly! My bench was up 40 lbs and I was up 10lbs on my dumbbell curls!!! I also had much more stamina and it was becoming harder and harder to leave the gym. I felt like I could work out for hours!

I was reading an article one night about building muscle and how it is built out of the gym and not in the gym. The article discussed recovery aids and the importance of these types of products. I brought this article to my coach at Power 3 and they recommended several Glutamine and BCAA’s supplements. We also discussed my goals and my progress. At the beginning of my fourth week, I was fuller than I had ever been, and I was getting leaner and tighter. Still I was worried that I wouldn’t achieve the coveted six-pack I had always wanted. I next decided to try one of the many thermogenic products that has to offer to help me in my quest.

Over the next couple weeks, while taking Glutamine and BCAA’s I noticed I wasn’t as sore and I was recovering much faster than before. I was also starting to see definition in my abs like I had never seen before.

During the following weeks, my progress just accelerated like crazy! I was getting comments in the gym, at work, and even at the grocery store, about how GREAT I was looking. Thanks to Power 3 and I-supplements my doubts of not achieving that "Spring Break" body had diminished and I was felling better about myself than I ever had.

Well as you can hopefully see, (if they put my pictures with my story), I achieved my goals in those 12 weeks. I achieved the coveted six-pack and the ripped body I had always wanted. And let me tell you, Spring Break was AMAZING!!! I would share the details with you but I have a feeling they would be edited out if you know what I mean 🙂

I would recommend Power 3 Fitness Coaching and  to anyone! The quality and performance of both companies, their services and products are second to none! And the support and education I received because of them gave me the motivation to not give up!

Thanks again!


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